The Lodge- Rabbits and Guinea Pigs


'The Lodge' consists of 5 large pens inside a secure shed, each with access to an attached run through a hole in the shed wall. Each pen is able to house up to three small/two large rabbits or four guinea pigs.

  • Indoor pens are approximately 3.5ft x 5ft.
  • Access during the day to attached outdoor runs which are an additional 3ft x 4ft (on paving slabs to ensure thorough cleaning between guests).
  • Access holes are shut at night to add extra security. 
  • Adjoining pens have a 'roof' made of wooden trellis.
  • Lined with non-slip flooring to ensure comfort and thorough cleaning between guests.
  • Contain insulated shelters which are filled with hay or soft pet beds to ensure the guests have somewhere cosy to snuggle up.
  • Solid walls between adjoining pens ease stress and avoid illnesses passing on.

Indoor Accommodation- Rabbits/Guinea Pigs


Although sheltered from the elements and filled with cosy places to snuggle up, the lodge itself may not be suitable for some of your indoor-only furry friends. Because of this, we offer in-house boarding for these special guests! They will stay in a secure, quiet and temperature-controlled room of the house, but will be given supervised time out of the cage in the evenings (as well as lots of attention and cuddles!).

We currently have one large double-decker indoor cage (4ft x 2ft) which is suitable for either one/two small rabbits or up to three guinea pigs. If you would prefer your pet(s) to stay in their own cage (or require more guests to stay than we can house in our cage) you are more than welcome to bring this with you as an alternative/additional living space.

Indoor Accommodation- Small Furries


We also offer indoor boarding for other small animals (hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, hedgehogs, ferrets, budgies and degus). 

Larger pets (rats, degus, and ferrets) are welcome to stay in our cage, although they may not be suitable for a large number of animals at once. If this is unsuitable, or you require more than one cage, please feel free to bring your own!

Smaller rodents (hamsters, gerbils and mice), budgies and hedgehogs will be required to bring their own cage.

The cages will be in our home in a secure, quiet and temperature controlled room, and the guests will be provided with supervised time out of their cages in the evenings.

Outdoor Hutch (temporary accommodation)


Our outdoor hutch (and attached run) is used for short periods of time of up to 24 hours, or as an isolation suite for sick or aggressive animals.

Your pets can chill out in the hutch until their accommodation is available if they arrive early. It's also where they can wait for you to take them home if you are delayed.

The hutch is 5ft x 1.7ft and has plenty of room for your furry friends for a few hours - it's the bunny equivalent of an arrivals or departure lounge.

Please note we DO NOT book the hutch out for  holidays.